Steven McElroy

Obituary of Steven Rex McElroy

Steven McElroy was born on August 28, 1947 to Rex and Cecil McElroy. The youngest of five brothers, Steven grew up on a farm in Kern California. He volunteered service in the Navy during the Vietnam war, serving as a SeaBee and returning home for the birth of his son, Robert McElroy in 1970. Steven celebrated the birth of his daughter Kimberly McElroy in 1974. Steven had a big heart and had three major loves in his lifetime, Debra Stoneburner, Lonny Baltz, and Sandy McElroy. He maintained healthy relationships with each right up until his death. Steven lived a magnificently interesting life, particularly his younger years growing up in California with his four brothers. He would tell the stories of the events that shaped him with such wit and enthusiasm that you couldn’t help but listen to him. They were wonderfully imaginative stories that spoke of a time not long past but far enough gone that our generations cannot find memories but through the stories of those who lived them. A truly kind and gentle man, he carried his loving and giving nature through his life and into his death as some of his last measures were attempts to secure a home for his sole surviving brother, James McElroy. Steven McElroy was survived in death by his son, Robert McElroy, his daughter, Kimberly Banner, his brother James McElroy as well as seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren. He was cremated on June 7th in Spring Hill Florida and rests in the afterlife with his family in heaven. Steven was preceded in death by his mother and father: Cecil and Rex, and three of his four brothers, Roger, Kenny and Ralph. Please contribute to Steven’s memory by sharing your stories, thoughts, and prayers